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Yngilwood is an area which added to the Britannia map during the quest A Tale of Two Kings in the second campaign. The area is located near the western shore and it is northwest of Eoforwic (York). The area is is visited frequently during the first part of the campaign.

Important NPC's[]

All the important NPC's can be found inside the camp in the centre of the area. Wada can be found inside Aethelred's tent, just like the king when he isn't busy.

The trader Eadgifu Cateresdohtor can be found near the entrance of the camp.


Cairn, cross and runestone[]

In this area, you can find a runestone, a cairn and a cross. The cairn can be found near the rock outcrops west of the camp. The cross can be found near the centre of the northeastern edge.

The menhir for The Isle of Apples quest can be found northeast in the area.


From Yngilwood, it takes:

  • 19 hours to travel to Eoforwic (York)
  • ?? hours to travel to Hadrians's Wall
  • ?? hours to travel to Swamp