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'The wreckers on the beach have caused trouble for the villagers and are looking to resume their business.'

Wreck And Ruin is a sidequest that can be started by speaking to the Scarborough mayor after the completion of Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme. He will explain that the whole cause of the bandit problem were due to the wreckers down on the beach, so he wants you to get rid of them. During the dialogue are several morale changes and chances to increase the reward or decrease reputation;

  • Selecting "What's in it for me..." gains morale for greedy followers, but loses morale for altruistic ones.
  • Selecting "Alright. That seems fair." loses morale for greedy followers.
  • Selecting "That's not enough." loses morale for altruistic followers and decreases Northumbria reputation by 1.
  • Selecting "I will solve this problem..." gains morale for altruistic followers.

Head down to the beach and speak to the wreckers. You can either tell them to get lost, help them or attack them outright.

  • Selecting "I need you to clear out..." gains morale with cooperative followers.
  • Selecting "If you value your lives..." gains morale with aggressive followers, but loses morale with peaceful ones.
  • Selecting "If i find him, you leave..." loses morale with conceited followers but gains morale with cooperative ones.
  • Selecting "Well we're here to get rid..." gains morale with aggressive followers but loses morale with peaceful ones.
  • Selecting "Speak quickly" followed by "I accept" gains morale with greedy followers.
  • With diplomacy rank 3, you can offer them money to leave, ranging from 500 - 1000 depending on your sense skill.

If you help them, you are tasked with finding their missing companion. Find him, then return him to the group and they'll leave. If you attempt to attack them, you can extort what money they've buried from them, resulting in a tidy amount of valuables.

Whichever choice you make, return to the village chieftain to claim your reward. In case you want the valuables, you will gain the first reward and if you don't require a reward, you will gain 10 reputation.