Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Wood is one of the nine major resources and large quantities of it are required to upgrade the homestead. It can be acquired the following ways:

  • when a scout inspects the area around the camp most of the time;
  • by trading with merchants;
  • looting containers in areas;
  • and sometimes as a reward by doing quests.


Large quantities of wood can be acquired from completing the quests:


In the table below you can find all merchants who are selling wood:

Name merchant Stock Price rates Location Act(s)
Ciaomin mac Aedain 437 Fair Perth Second only.
Drest mac Gordain 181 Fair Perth Second only.
Eadgifu Cateresdohtor ??? Fair Yngilwood Second only.
Gaius Aelius 208 Disagreeable Legacaestir (Chester) Second only.
Gnypli Skavidarson 555 Fair Ribe First only.
Gormlaith ingen Amdaigh 278 Preposterous Ravine Second only.
Illhugi Flat-nose 995 Disagreeable Skjern First and second.
Mael Fabaill ingen Druiain 200 Generous Perth Second only.
Theodore Caedmonessunu 100 Generous Eoforwic (York) Second only.