'You offered to help Hulda gather some flowers for her potion-making.'
Wilted Flowers is a sidequest that you can start after the raid on your village is dealt with. Head over to Hulda Crowtalker to activate the quest; she will task you with finding three flowers that she needs for a tincture, which can be found around your homestead.

Opening up your map with the quest tracked shows you the precise location of all three flowers. Once you have collected them all, return to Hulda to complete the quest.

In case the markers aren't working, the graveyard is northeast in the map, the pen flower is northwest in an animal pen near the watchtower and the beach flower is close the pier near some containers. If the default settings were not changed, press the alt key on the keyboard to have all objects which can be interacted with, be encircled by a white line.