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Warrior is one of the six native classes in Expeditions: Conquistador. When compared to Spanish classes, it can be said that this class is a mix of a soldier and a scout, with the latter class being more dominant. While the warrior matches the soldier in melee damage and is outmatched by the scout, the warrior has five percent-points more defence than the scout and outmatches both classes in ranged combat with ten percent-points base accuracy difference compared to the soldier, while the scout can't perform normal ranged attacks at all.

Warriors also share the same amount of movement and the sneak skill with their Spanish counterpart, but the other two skills are unique for the warrior class.

When it comes to camping, warriors can master the tasks of guarding or patrolling when they are limited to veteran rank.

Class abilities[]

Image Name Effect Action Cooldown
Sneak By activating sneak, the warrior can move without setting of traps or suffer attacks of opportunity, but the amount of still remaining moves in hexes is halved. Free ? turns
Taunt This skill forces an enemy to move three hexes closer to the warrior. It can be used to create attack(s) of opportunity by placing the player controlled units along the path of the taunted unit and the warrior. ? ? turns
Anticipate Opening This skill guarantees that the next attack will be a critical one. Attack ? turns


Passive skills advice[]

Depending on your needs in combat, it's adviced to either pick the following passive skills.

Offensive (melee)[]

Defence and melee offensive[]


In the table below you can find information about equipment access for each rank.

Rank Melee weapon Ranged Weapon Armour
Recruit 3 slots. 3 slots. 5 slots.
Men-at-arms 7 slots. 7 slots. 10 slots.
Veteran 10 slots. 10 slots. 10 slots.
Sergeant 10 slots. 10 slots. 10 slots.
Lieutenant 10 slots. 10 slots. 10 slots.

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