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Warmaksan's Staff is an unique weapon that has up to six Weapon skills. It's a weapon pure for it's raw damage it can inflict, along with the skills it comes with. It's unique trait is 20% for evey hit to inflict knock-down, which is likely to happen with attacks such as spin attack, broad swings or whirlwind.

The weapon is in the best hand of a Triarius specialised as a destroyer.


Rank Damage Critical damage Affixes Skills Crafting / upgrading materials
II 9-13 6 +25% bludgeoning damage.

3 armor shred

Random affixes: 5 health. 2 base damage mamixum.

Broad swing, heavy hit, shove.

Spin attack and whirlwind.



It's obtained during the second act. After meeting the elders of the tribes in the Court of Heaven in the storyline quest Strange Alliance. During the consulting with the ancestors, by sleeping near their graves, the tribe being led by Warmaksan and Izil decide to ambush the Legatus. Warmaksan must be killed during the ambush. After the battle, pick up the weapon near his corpse.

In-game description[]

There is nothing frivolous or indulgent about the design of the staff. Carved from pure bone, its shaft gleaming ivory unadorned. It is heavy and sturdy, made for breaking bones and not showing off.