'Everyone has gathered on the shore to watch as your beautiful new longship is launched, and you can finally set sail to the British Isles.'
Viking is a storyline quest that begins immediately after completing The Calling of the Sea. You have your ship, your crew, and your supplies. All that remains is to say your farewells before embarking on your journey across the sea.

  • You have an optional objective to speak to each of your hirdman before setting sail, which you can go ahead and do. Talking to Nefja reveals that she's yet to tell her mother and asks you to accompany her. Agreeing to it will lead you to her home, with her mother and sister standing outside it. During the conversation, you have the option to use a leadership rank 2 choice, which gains morale with Nefja.

Before you set sail, you may notice that you can loot the whole area again, even if you have already done so. This includes loot inside the many homes around the village.

Once you are finished talking to who you wish, looted all that you can, it's time to leave Skjern aboard your longship. However, you must first pick your bannerman. This person serves as your adviser, and the most dialogue rich character in conversations in the game if they are currently in your party.

  • Picking Asleifr gains morale with him.
  • Picking anyone other than Asleifr loses morale with him, but gains morale for the chosen.

After you have chosen your bannerman, you will make a speech to your hirdsman and villagers. Your choices don't have any effect on the game, just go by your own personal choice. Once you have done the speech, all your followers will gain morale.

Your next task is to sail west across the ocean and land on the British Isle, at the beach village of Scarborough. Upon landing, the quest will complete.

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Notes Edit

  • When you leave Skjern for the first time aboard your ship, return to Skjern and speak to the blacksmith. He will give you a decent sword if you've upgraded the blacksmith building in the homestead.
  • Also in the Skjern, you may come across the farmers that you met in the marsh who wanted the troll tree bark, during the quest The Frail One. If you shared it with them, they will introduce you to their son. They will also reward you with 756 valuables.
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