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Veles is a character class in Expeditions: Rome and is a class of light infantry, or comparable to the thief or rogue class in medieval games. As such, they are specialised in dealing damage and for their defenses, they can rely more on dodging than their armour. The class statistics is Focus points, which needed to execute extra attacks or to provide positive Status effects for themselves.

Historically, the veles was a class of light infantry and skirmishers who threw javelin at their enemies. When it came to melee, they used the Gladius. Due to soldiers having to buy their own equipment, velites were usually the poorest and youngest men of a legion, as they rarily wore armour. Man of common means would be able to buy equipment needed for the role of hastati, or while richer man would be able to buy equipment for the roles of Princeps and Triarius. This class dissappeared with the Marian reforms of the legion.

Class skills[]


Armour is limited to medium armour at the start, though velites specialising as a brawler, are able to gain access to strong armour with a passive skill at level 8 at earliest and the second rank lowers the movement penalty for all armour. Medium armour is a balance between armour rating and Resistances, while keeping the movement penalty low/modest.

When it comes to weapon, the veles class is one of the few able to dual-wield one-hand weapons with a dagger in the off-hand slot, thus having access to spear-dagger and sword-dagger Weapon skills combinations.

Unarmed skills[]

This class is, when it comes to dealing damage, with one investment in the passive skill pankration in the specialisation of brawler, the best damage when unarmed.

  • Cure (rank I)
  • Defensive jab (rank II)
  • Haymaker (rank III)
  • Pop-Pop (rank III)
  • Throw sand (rank I)

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