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Valuables are the main currency used in bartering in Danemark and the British Isles in Expeditions: Viking and one of the nine major resources. Since there isn't a single currency in those areas, a valuable can be a ørtug (10 valuables), a pence (20 valuables) or valuable pieces of jewelry.


When you buy or sell items from and to merchants, you have to pay more or get less valuables respectively than the specific item is worth, depending on the price level. Price levels usable become better when you improve your reputation with the faction the merchant belongs to, with the opposite happening when your reputation becomes worse. There are five price levels in total when you trade with merchants:

  • charitable, you can buy or sell items for the exact item value.
  • generous, you can buy items for 110% of their item value and sell them for (100 / 110) of their item value.
  • acceptable, you can buy items for 120% of their item value and sell them for (100 / 120) of their item value.
  • disagreeable, you can buy items for 135% of their item value and sell them for (100 / 135) of their item value.
  • preposterous, you can buy items for 150% of their item value and sell them for (100 / 150) of their item value.

As such, if you have a resource in excess, for example wood and need hides, you should trade the wood for hides directly, instead of trading the wood for valuables and use those valuables to buy hides. You lose valuables on every transaction you make, unless the merchants has charitable prices.

Quests and other enterprises which give large sums of valuables[]