Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Hello everyone, I am 23dutch45man, you may also call me Dutchman. I  became a bureaucrat of this wiki per April 2018. If you have any question about this wikia, leave a message behind on my message wall.

When I became a bureaucrat of this wikia, this wikia got about 7K views per week, which isn't that much. I aim to improve that a lot.

My favorite pages[]

Tools and reminders for myself[]

In case you need insights on wiki, you can copy these links to your own userpage.

You can add the program codes to any pages without executing the coding, by using the paragraph format formatted or like this:

 <pre>, to make an end to it, add the same code with a '' / '' before pre>  

Table types[]

There several types of tables, but the class name is usually not known:

 class="article-table", the standard table whenever you add one to a page. 
 class="wikitable sortable mw-collapsible", table which can be sorted per column and is collapsible if it is standing in your way. 
 <br /> to add space between two sections.


Creates a link to a specific section of a page.

[[Character build strategies#Archer with decent melee and support skills|Archer with decent support]]