'Sigridr the huntress has found a group of travellers camping in the forest near your homestead.'

Unwanted Guests is a sidequest that is started when your clan huntress approaches you in your homestead to tell you about a group of people she has seen in the nearby forest.

Visiting Skjern Forest, you will eventually find a group of people posing as merchants in a camp. However, using perception, you can notice they have weapons and bear the colours of Skule, indicating they are spies sent to observe you and your lands. At the back of the camp, there is also a shield in Skule's colours. How you progress is up to you; you can let them flee or fight them to the death.

If you select the option:"Nobody fucking move!", they will panick and draw their weapons. You will gain morale with aggressive members and lose morale with peaceful ones. Sometimes combat will start immediately and sometimes you get to select some dialogue before the battle. One of the dialogue options allows you to convince them to lie to Skule about their mission, but you must pass a hard Sense check to succeed.

Reward Edit

  • 5 Skill Points
  • 50 Valuables and 3 Hide if specific dialogue is chosen.

Post quest rewardEdit

When you return home first time after visiting Britannia, Grimulfr Eikinskjaldason will be waiting for you at the docks. He will explain that you saved his life when you drove out Skule's men at the forest. If you bought back Misschief from Steinn, you have some additional dialogue, but he won't take back the axe. To show his gratitude, he will give you his set of chain mail he used when he was raiding (60 Melee 57 ranged DR, 77 durability). Because he is training the youth for battle, you will also gain some power points for your homestead.