'Somebody in Eoforwic is stealing from travellers in the city. This may present an opportunity, if you are so inclined.'

Unsavoury Dealings is a sidequest you can come across in the city of Eoforwic (York) , by traversing down an alleyway in the North Western area of the map. You will come across a young girl who'll steal ten valuables from one of your hirdman and then she will run away. If you follow her or come across Maban by luck.

  • Selecting "If I were to come across..." loses morale with honourable and altruistic followers.
  • Selecting "Pleasure to meet you..." gains morale with open minded followers, but loses morale with conceited ones.
  • Selecting "I'm not here to make friends..." loses morale with open minded followers.
  • Selecting "Always happy to take..." loses morale with independent followers.
  • Selecting "I don't take orders..." gains morale with independent followers, but loses morale with cooperative ones.

You will be tasked with acquiring 3 items from 3 different homes, in various places around York. If you don't 'take orders', then you won't get the locations so it'll be trial and error with the houses you enter.

Once you have looted the homes and found the 3 items, return to Maban to hand them in. Be warned though, doing so will lower your reputation with Northumbria by 5 per item.

=Golden crossEdit


The house with the seal is near the northern gate, close to the waymarker northeast in the area.

Trader's coinEdit

One of the task is to rob the trader southwest in the area. When you enter his house, you will find out that the place is being burglarized by another group of thieves when you enter. Since they were first, they think they may claim all treasure and leave the rest of the stuff for you. You can either kill them, use diplomacy rank 4 to convince them to split the treasure or let them have it all.

After solving the problem, you can loot the house. You will gain 4,000 valuables if you killed the thieves, the half with diplomacy or nothing. Other than the pile of valuables, the armour stand and the hide racks are also worth looting. The other containers will yield many different items, but nothing noticle.

Reward Edit