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Unarmed skills in Expeditions: Rome are available to all characters and compared to Expeditions: Viking, there more skills than before are they are and each class has a few skills for their own. The unarmed skills are available to all character who at least have one set of weapons not equipped, or have one hand free while wielding an one-handed weapon, which are daggers, spears and swords.

The player can switch weapon sets in the items menu and combat by pressing Q. The companions have one unique skills for their own along with the unarmed attacks of their respective class. Unarmed skills are usable right from the start and the skills develop automatically over the course of the game. There are no special missions or instructors needed. Only the Veles class has two passive skills which increase damage by 100% and focus point generation. Upgrades to the one-handed skills are at the following stages:

  1. All characters have a few unarmed skills and low damage with them (2-3 points).
  2. First act, new skills unleashed with the siege of Chalkedon and damage by all skills is increases from 2-3 point of bludgeoning damage to 4-5 points (most skills).
  3. Second act, new skills being released when returning to Rome the second time or the siege of Alexandria. Damage is increased to 6-7 points.

All skills decribed below always require one action point.

Icon Unarmed skill Effect description Act For which units
Aid Restores 25% of health, rounded up. Benefits from items which increase the amount of healing. I Syneros
Bracer block Character will deflect the next attack. II Princeps
Cure Removes the Status effects I All
Defensive jab Base unarmed damage. Increases Resistances by 10 percent-points and maximum resistance as well, but removed 3 points of movement. II All
Dismantle Lower damage (4-5 bludgeoning), shreds three points of armour III Triarius
Distracting Blow Deal unarmed damage. Removes Attack of Opportunity from the target I Triarius
Haymaker If the Veles has the status effect of Boasting, Bloodthirsty or Prowling, the attack will be guaranteed critical hit. III Veles
Nut-cracker Deals 2-3 bludgeoning damage. Double damage against males. I Deianeira
Intimidate Lowers morale of the affected enemy by -25 when pointing at them up to a range of 8 hexes. I Caeso Quinctius Aquilinus
Pop-Pop Deals two attacks to one or two enemies (base damage) at half damage each. Generate two Focus points (4 with Quick-witted or Pugilist, 6 with both?) III Princeps, Sagittarius and Veles
Quietus Perform a lethal takedown on a flanked enemy with 25% health or less. I Julia Calida
Suckerpunch Base bludgeoning damage. Deals 50% extra damage against flanked, knocked down, stunned and stuck enemies. Generates one focus point. I Bestia Tabat
Tackle Base Bludgeoning damage. Knock down the opponent. Charges: 1 III Princeps
Throw Base bludgeoning damage. Throws a rock up to fives hexes I Sagittarius
Throw sand Throws sands in the eyes of up to three adjacent enemies in half-circle like attack. Blinds all strucks enemies. Generates one focus point. I Veles

Unarmed skills boosts and skills active per class[]

It's possible to boost the effectiveness of unarmed the following ways:

  • With Talismans, it is possible to increase the four effects for all Classes: minimum and maximal damage, critical chance and critical damage.


Gladiators can boost it with the following skills:


Principes can boost the following ways


Sagittarii can boost it the following ways

  • With versatile, damage for ranged or melee attacks can be boosted by 50%. For ranged skills unarmed, one can either use lure or throw for the ranged attacks


Velites, compared to the other classes, have many skills which work quite well for unarmed skills. Especially the brawler specialisation, all skills there are usable for unarmed combat.

  • The passive skill bloodthirsty boosts damage, depending on rank and stacks, from 5% to up to 30%.
  • The passive skill pugilist doubles damage for all unarmed skills
  • Cheap shot can be used to trigger an guaranteed critical hit.

Class skills usable with unarmed[]

The following Class skills are usable in unarmed mode: