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Triarius, or triarii in plural, is a character class in Expeditions: Rome. This unit is a support unit in battle, either as medicus curing injured soldiers or providing status effects to other units with their skills. When their support skills are not needed, they are quite capable of inflicting damage, with either single-hand weapon in man-vs-man melee, or in ranged melee with the reach skills of staffs, or in the case with all pikes attacks, minimal from two-hex range.

Due to having access to strong armour, they are quite capable of tanking damage, but never as a good as a Princeps.

Historically, this class was present on the third line and this role was usually for the oldest and wealthiest, who could buy large shields and high quality, but heavy armour and were considered the elite troops. When the Velites and Principes could not defeat, it was up to the triarii to deal a decisive blow. With the Marian reforms, this role disappeared completely.

Class skills[]

Unarmed skills[]

  • Cure (rank I)
  • Distracting blow (rank I)
  • Defensive jab (rank II)
  • Dismantle (rank III)
  • Pop-Pop (rank III)

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