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Tinkering is an utility skill which can be used to create twenty items if you have the highest rank. This skill can be compared to crafting, but unlike crafting, the created items you create with this skill can be used only once. To use the items, you have to give the items to party members before battle. The resources you need to create item can only be obtained by looting containers in each area. With the scouting skill, you sometimes obtain the items you can create with the skill. The resources used in tinkering, are also used sometimes in quests and random events.

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Tinkering.png Rank 1 items Rank 2 items Rank 3 items Rank 4 items Rank 5 items
4 SP 6 SP? 8 SP? 10 SP 12 SP
Total: 40 SP?

Tinkering items.[]

Item Rank Type Required action Components Brief description
Torch Rank 1 Throwable Free 1 pole, 8 cloth, 8 tar.
Mead Rank 1 Consumable Free 12 honey, 5 bladders.
Water Skin Rank 1 Throwable Free 5 bladders, 1 cork. Can be used to exthinguish fires.
Barricade Rank 1 Trap Attack 8 iron, poles and ropes. Adds a barricade, which can be used to block routes and/or provide low shelter.
Caltrops Rank 2 Trap 4 strings and 8 iron. Throws caltrops in the hex and adjacent hexes, which remove movement points from enemies stepping into them.
Numbing Tincture Rank 2 Consumable Free 2 vials, 8 honey, 4 powder. Heals the user, but limits movement.
Berserk Tonic Rank 2 Consumable 2 vials, 4 poison, 8 honey. Doubles base damage of the unit, but lowers damage reduction to 0%, negating also other effects active.
Tripwire Rank 2 Trap Attack 8 ropes and two poles. Can be used to knock down characters.
Caltrops Poison Rank 3 Trap 4 strings, 6 poison, 8 iron Removes movement points and poisons the ones stepping on the caltrops.
Grease Pot Rank 3 Throwable Free 1 pot and cork, 16 grease.

Rank 3

Consumable 2 vials, 2 extracts, 2 powders. Cure poison effect.
Net Trap

Rank 3

Trap 16 ropes, 8 grease and cloth. Character inside the net becomes trapped, unable to move or perform actions.
Vigour Tonic Rank 4 Consumable 1 extract, 2 vials, 4 honey and powders.
Fire Pot Rank 4 Throwable Free 16 tar, 3 pots and 1 cork.
Acid Pot Rank 4 Throwable 8 extracts, 3 pots and 1 cork. Eats through shield durability.
Pit Trap Rank 4 Trap 8 poles and strings. Stepping into the area of a pit trap inflicts a lot of damage.
Focus Tonic Rank 5 Consumable 2 vials and extracts, 6 honey and 4 powders.
Ritual Spear Rank 5 Throwable 16 cloth, 4 iron, poles and extracts.
Sleipnir Tonic Rank 5 Consumable 6 powders, 2 vials, 4 poison and 8 grease.
Poison Pit Trap Rank 5 Trap 6 poison, 8 strings and poles. Stepping into the area of a pit trap inflicts a lot of damage and poisons the target.