Time-Out is a sidequest which can be started by talking to Amber in Legacaestir (Chester). Her brother Theodore is missing since the last time he entered the fort occupied by the cult. She wants you to investigate the ruins and find her brother. Talk to Severina, she guards on of the restricted areas. You can convince her to let you enter the area she guards with 3 diplomacy (only available after you speak to the guards and they mention Valerius), 400 valuables or by force. You can try to kill her silently or opt for a battle.

When you enter the area, you immediately start a battle with five soldiers who guard the doubters. The fight should be quite easy. After you have beaten the guards, you find Theodore behind a wall of planks which can be taken down swiftly. Speak to him and say that his sister is waiting for him outside the walls of the fort. He will then go to his sister.

Before you return to Amber and claim your reward, you should search the area for the Ancient Helmet. The helm still rests on the head of the last wearer who died here a long time ago.

If you enter the dungeon before taking the quest, you can speak with Amber afterwards and receive the reward.


  • 1374 Valuables
  • 3 skill points.
  • Ancient Helmet
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