Expeditions: Viking Wiki

The thegn of Skjern, or sometimes called the thegn during dialogue or simply called by the name given by player, is the character controlled by the player and the protagonist of this game. The player character is 19 or 20 years old when the game starts and he or she could be 20 or 21 years old when the games reaches its conclusion.

If you are looking for a player character build, see character build strategies for more information.


During the second act, you can romance one of the four recruitable characters. The opportunity is triggered randomly while visiting the campsite. Male players can romance Nefja Holmunardottir, while female player can fall in love with Asleifr Grimvardarson. Female and male player characters can always romance Roskva the Black and Ketill Kolbjarnarson. A romance is started as a random event when you stay at a campsite.

Weapons and armour[]

During the game, you can find several pieces of armour, shields and weapons which have a special effect reserved solely for the player character. These items with a special effect are:

  • Your Shield. Additional 5 percent-points to blocking chance.
  • Ancient Armour. Chance to revive the player character in case he/she is incapacitated.
  • Ancient Helmet. Additional 5 percent-points to mental resistances.

Starting weapons[]

The starting weapons which the thegn of Skjern picks up from the weapon rack during The Feast, depend on the skills chosen during character generation. You will always gain three items from the rack before you enter your first fight.

Weapon skill specialisation(s) # Weapon(s) you get Weapon(s) you lose
No specialisation (default items) 0 Old Bow, Simple Knive and Your Shield.
Axe 1 Utility Axe Simple knive
Dane-Axe 1 Trophy Dane-Axe Simple knive
Sling 1 Modified Children's Sling Old bow
Spear 1 Heirloom Spear Simple knive
Sword 1 Heirloom Sword Simple knive
Unnarmed 1 Does not have influence on the standard items.
Axe and sword 2 Utility axe and heirloom sword. Simple knive and your shield.
Bow and sling 2 Modified children sling. Your shield.
Dane-axe and sling 2 Trophy dane axe and modified children sling. Old bow and simple knive
Knife and spear 2 Simple knifr and heirloom spear. Your shield.
Axe, dane-axe and sword 3 Utility axe, trophy dane-axe, heirloom sword. All default items.
Axe, shield and sword 3 Utility axe, your shield, heirloom sword. Old bow and simple knive.
Axe, spear & sword 3 Utility axe, heirloom spear & sword. All default items.
  • In case three weapon specialisation have been chosen (all rank 1) which change the items and shield is chosen as well (rank 1), you won't get the shield.
  • In case four weapon specialisation have been chosen (all rank 1) which change the items and the knife is one them, you will receive the knife over the third starting equipment changing item.