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'You found an unsettling pile of rotting hides stacked on top of a handful of norse jewels. What could it mean?'

The Wearh in the Woods is a sidequest that can be started by finding the pile of rotting hides beside the river in the beach village of Scarborough. Your character will notice something glinting in the pile and you can attempt to pull it out.

  • With a medium finesse check, you will successfully retrieve the jewels, which are worth 180 valuables.
  • Failing the finesse check results in you getting a light infection, but you still get the 180 valuables.

It turns out that the jewels are the same as those found in your homelands, and it's theorised they belonged to your father and that someone in the village will know. Helping them with quests may get them to reveal what they know.

After completing the quest Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme peacefully by siding with the villagers, you will be able to finish the quest. Talk to the old woman named Esyllt in the village of Scarborough, and she will claim that the jewellery is cursed and she hid them because of it.

  • Selecting "This jewellery is not cursed..." will lose morale with superstitious followers, but gain morale with sceptical and greedy ones.
  • Selecting "Be calm. The curse..." will lose morale with sceptical followers, but gain morale with greedy ones.'
  • Selecting "Take them, take them quick..." loses morale with greedy and sceptical followers, and you also lose the 180 valuables.

Selecting either of the first two options gets her to reveal more information on Norsemen who left the jewellery, starting the next quest in the chain.