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The Tournament is a side quest which can be started if you accepted the challenge from Noriega at the end of Tinkering. When you reported the status of either one or both goals, this goal will be started. While the player character was busy with the rebels. Umberto and his men have been cleaning up a plot just outside the city where the tournament can be hosted.

Whenever you are ready, head towards Fort Azamo to talk to Noriega. He will ask you if you are ready. Even if the challenge is accepted, it's still possible to postpone the battles. When you accept, the player character and he go to towards Umberto, who will explain the rules. The rules are quite simple:

  • No traps and other dangerous items, only barricades.
  • Every unit can participate in as many rounds as preferred, as long as they don't get injured.
  • Three units for each battle.
  • Winner of two battles wins the tournament.
  • 1000 valuables is the price for winning a round.

When you select to start the first match, this goal can't be postponed and must be finished by fighting at least two battles.

First round[]

The first battle is considered easy. The opposition consists of one soldier, hunter and scout all at man-at-arms rank in open area, expect for some obstacles at the ends of the rectangle. The best strategy is to hide behind the obstacle to let Noriega's troops advance and then take down the first one who comes close.

Second round[]

The first battle is slightly more difficult, as must fight a veteran doctor, hunter and soldier. The rectancle is littered with obstacles in a mirrored fashion. Noriega has used barricades to block two entrances at the edges, so the area where the enemy is can only be entered from the centre.

Third round[]

With a hard Scouting check, you can find out that Noriega's entered the battleground and buried something under the sand. When Noriega is confronted with this information, he is unaware that his men did this and will question them. A half hour later returns with the information that his men did hide caltrops and spiked traps in the battleground.

You can either decide to fight the battle with the traps still there or cancel the battle. Noriega is using the lieutenant hunter who devised this devious plan, a veteran doctor and a man-at-arms hunter to win the final round.


For every won round, you get 1000 valuables and 50 experience. For winning the tournament, you get 10% of the profit made from bets, which accounts to 885 valuables.