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The Tax Collectors is a sidequest which can be started in Memphis. When meeting Iglider in the streets northeast in the city, a new leader of the Legio Afrorum has got himself in trouble with the locals.

According to the locals, he and his men got drunk and in this state, went past houses to collect taxes with force in name for the king of Rome. As there was no order from you or the legate from Legio Afrorum to collect taxes in Memphis, they subordinated their orders and abused their role as soldiers. The locals want the "collected taxes" returned to them and these violators of the law punished.

Iglider will defend his action.

Punishing the troublemakers yourself[]

At the conclusion of the the first dialogue between you and the local leader, agree with Iglider being punished by the locals. Shortly after that, talk to Iglider or the local leader about offering compensation. Offer an amount of 1,000 Denarri to compensate them for the trouble, The local leader will accept.

Then talk to Iglider again about the stolen funds and their whereabouts. He will tell then that they were hidden in the desert, west of Memphis. This will add a chest west of the city on the map, in the area of ???. Iglider suggest splitting the profit 50/50 between you and his men. Deny this request, by stating that he disobeyed orders to begin with in the first place. Collect the contents of the chest (around 450-550 Denarri) and then head towards the Legion Outpost of Legio Vitrix and talk to praefectus castrorum Egnatius Naso about the punishment. After deciding the punishment, the quest is concluded.

Letting the legionnaires get away with this theft[]


The title of the achievement, Legio Patria Nostra, is a motto of the French Foreign Legion and means: The legion is our fatherland.

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  • This quest is the opposite situation of Debt Collector in Expeditions: Viking. Instead of collecting payment from a group of carpenters not affiliated with the Thegn, which was unjustfully withhold by the cult of roman-christians, the player has to resolve a situation of subordinates unlawfully collecting taxes from the locals and return the money they were forced to pay along with deciding over the punishment.
    • In case the quests are concluded as the carpenters and the locals wanted, the outcomes are also reverse. In case of Debt Collectors, the player earns a small material rewards and has the opportunity to employ the carpenters and thus make their relation better. In case of this quest, the player will likely lose a small amount of money and enstrange the soldiers from the legion by deciding to punish them.