'A group of bandits have robbed the farm near Skerninge. Retrieve what they stole and return it to the rightful owner.'
The Stolen Heirloom is a sidequest that starts shortly after entering Skerninge for the first time and encountering the thieves in the nearby house close to the starting location. Chasing them down leads you straight into an ambush and you are forced to fight the bandits.

After defeating them, the quest will update and you'll need to return to the house where you first saw the bandits run from and enter it. Inside you will find 2 people incapacitated on the floor, one of which you can talk to. He will tell you that they were robbed and that a bandit in blue stole a precious figurine from him, and will request that you find it. Declining will end the quest here and block out any potential reward, so it's advised to help him locate the object.

Once you have found the last remaining bandit, you will immediately be thrown into battle with him. This can be a tricky fight as there are a large number of traps in the vicinity, consisting of snares and pit falls that poison you and can hit upwards of 80 damage. Having the disarm trap skill can prove to be very useful in this fight. Your aim is to take him out before he reaches one of two exits, in which the quest will end in defeat if he's in an exit zone when the turn ends.

If you're able to defeat him, loot his body to receive the figurine and return to the same house as before. The man will be very thankful for bringing it back to him and will reward you for your efforts.

Reward Edit

  • 5 Skill Points
  • 5 Ribe reputation
  • 1 hide.
  • The weapon 'Thungr Knifr' from the blue bandit