The Spotted Curse is a side goal which can be started by visiting the house southeast of Tenochtitlan. Inside the house you find the doctor and shaman Patli, who has been treating patients.

He is however bored, as he always receives patients with nearly the same illnesses and injuries. Therefore he wants someone to treat with an illness he has never experienced and he has heard of the village struck with smallpox north of Tenochtitlan. He asks the expedition to bring one patient with that disease so he can examine him/her.

Bringing the patientEdit

After the expedition arrives, click on the building where the market. Now it has the option to look for a patient. After some time, the expedition finds someone clearly stricken by smallpox and asks him to meet the expedition outside of town to bring him to a doctor.

During the small period of time, the rumour spreads like wildfire and then the expeditions finds a horde of patients who eager to travel with the expedition to receive treatment. With a high diplomacy check, it's possible to calm down the crowd, else a battle must be won.

Finishing the questEdit

After finding a patient, head back to Patli to finish the quest. He is indeed intrigued when he sees the man and provides him with some medicine. Patli will then offer to join the expedition, because he believes he can a difference and he needs an adventure.

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