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'Settle the affair between Osgar's wife and his neighbour Aldwine.'

The Seventh Commandment is a sidequest in Scarborough which is started when you run into Osgar Tydissunu. He asks your party to teach to his neighbour Aldwine Aethelstanessunu a lesson, because he is having an affair with Osgar's wife. He will offer you 260 valuables for this job.

Quest acquisition[]

Osgar Tydissunu will chase you down, saying, "You there! Wait!"

  • Selecting "Do I look like someone who'd respond well to that?" gains morale with conceited followers.

Dealing with the Accused[]

Approach Aldwine, and interrogate him about the supposed affair.

  • Selecting "I speak on behalf..." gains morale with open minded followers.
  • Selecting "Good silver to spill your blood..." gains morale with aggressive followers.
  • Selecting "Alright, i'll be back for..." gains morale for greedy followers, but loses morale for honourable ones.
  • Selecting "Oh, I'm going to enjoy breaking..." or "I've struck a deal..." loses morale with greedy followers and initiates combat.

You can either stick with the original plan to beat him down, or take his offer for more valuables and turn down Osgar. However, upon telling Osgar that Aldwine can pay more, combat with begin with him and a few other. Whoever you help, return to them for your reward and completion of the quest.


  • 260 or 520 valuables, depending on whose side you have chosen.


The title of this quest is a reference to the Ten Commandments. The seventh commandment is: "Thou shalt not commit adultery." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Commandments