'A ship has set ashore in the night and raiders are attacking your village.'
The Northmen's Raid is a storyline quest that takes place straight after Cleaning House. Once you arrive back home after dealing with the traitors in the previous quest, you'll find your place under siege from an attacking force. Your task is to defend your homestead at the northern gate with Asleifr, and the southern bridge with Nefja.

Whomever you choose to fight with first will follow you into the next battle. Ketill will join you in both fights.

Southern Bridge Edit

Nefja will be at the southern bridge waiting for you, and will fight with you in the upcoming battle.

Northern Gate Edit

You will meet Asleifr at the northern gate if you chose to recruit him as a follower, and will need to defend that point with him until the attackers are all defeated.

Fighting Gunnarr Edit

This is a slightly tougher battle, as Gunnarr can land in some pretty powerful hits for this early game fight. It's recommended that you focus your attacks on him first before taking on his henchmen. Once you've beaten them down, your Hird will lock up Gunnarr.

Reward Edit