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The Medallion is a side goal which can be started by clicking on the house near the governor's palace in Santo Domingo. There you can find a man who requests you to look for the patrol of his wive Luisa Chocero, which is weeks overdue from returning from their patrol in the western mountain region.

It is adviced to combine this goal with Esteban, since the location from this quest is about three days southwest from the mines and it gives the player a location on the map they can travel to without getting lost. Just like Esteban, a decent supply of rations should be brought to make this trip.

The patrol[]

From the mines, you should travel southwest to find the patrol. Since the mine is in a dead end, you must first travel northeast and then climb the mountains while going south. From the mountains travel to a cairn southwest and continue in that direction. You will find a pool before you find the patrol, which is 15-20 steps further southwest. If that's not the case, then you are at the wrong pool must head west further.

As expected, you learn that the detachment was ambushed by tribes and all troops were killed. First the order should be given to scout the area and then search the bodies. The medallion on Luisa's corpse will be found before one of your scouts return with information about the enemy, which arrives shortly afterwards.


In case you scouted the area before searching the bodies, you can select six units to fight the natives, else you have only five. The enemy is a group of three warriors, all with different ranks and three trappers either recruit or men-at-arms. The best position to defend yourself is south where the sole veteran warrior is standing at the start. In case you have caltrops, you can use them to delay the group of five from the north.

The first two turns should be used to head south and kill the warrior. Then set up your positions and take down the group of five from the north.


Defeating the natives:

  • 600 valuables
  • 50 experience
  • 5 equipment

Returning to the widower:

  • 800 valuables
  • 50 experience