'A group of hunters have set up camp in the marsh a ways outside Ribe. If you intend to pass through, you may need to deal with them.'
The Hunters in the Marsh is a sidequest you can encounter while travelling around the marsh. You will come upon 10 people around a fire and 4 thralls taken as prisoner. If you walk in right away before staying hidden, you don't take a morale hit or gain, and it leads to the 'approach the hunters' route.

Approaching the hunters Edit

If you walk in after staying hidden, your cunning followers lose morale while your honourable followers gain morale.

Once you approach them, they will initiate a conversation with you. You are now given several options;

  • Pass a hard sense check to bypass the fight with them and gain 12 meat and 4 thralls that you can either let go or capture. Failing the hard sense check will initiate combat with the hunters.
  • Using finesse to instant kill one of them, but also initiating combat.
  • Announce yourself as thegn, therefore initiating combat.
  • Claim you are travellers passing through and offer to buy the thralls for 400 ortag of silver, or leave.

Ambushing the hunters Edit

If you ambush them, your cunning followers gain morale while your honourable followers lose morale.

You now have a choice; you can either take out their leader or the guard looking over the thralls. Bear in mind, once combat starts, the thralls will join your side and be open to attack by the hunters.

After dealing with the hunters in either route, approach the thralls. Letting them go loses morale with your conceited followers. Capturing them gains morale instead, but loses morale with Gunnarr.

If you capture the thralls, and have yet to visit the house in the marsh with Sandarr, then head there now. He will call out to Mani, who is one of the thralls you captured. Returning him to Sandarr gains you a reward.

Reward Edit

  • 3 Skill Points
  • Possible 4 thralls
  • Possible 12 meat
  • Possible 3 armour webbing.
  • Morale changes among your followers