'Nefja's sister Eyfura is very sick. Without new medicine, she may not make it through the winter.'

The Frail One is a sidequest unlocked after completing the quest The Plot Thickens. You can start this quest by talking to Rurik in your home, Helmfridr at the north gate or simply entering Nefja's house. Enter Nefja's home and talk to her family about the illness. With a point in healing, you can assess the illness yourself but it's not necessary. Nefja will suggest making a trip to the Gydja in Ribe to acquire some medicine.

When in Ribe, enter the Gydja temple and speak to Svana about Nefja's sick sister. She will require mouldy bark from the Troll Tree which is located in the Marsh.

Once in the marsh, locate the tree and you'll cut off a piece of the bark, only to then be approached by 3 people with two dogs. They will demand that you hand over the bark. This conversation holds some morale changes:

  • Selecting "Watch your tone..." gains morale for your conceited followers, but loses morale for open minded ones.
  • Selecting "We need such a cure..." gains morale for Nefja.
  • Selecting "If we fight..." will lose morale with Nefja.
  • If you have leadership rank 2 at least, you can split the bark without any morale consequences with Nefja.

Return to the Gydja in Ribe and she will make a troll tree remedy from the piece of bark you hand her. After this, return to Skjern to give Nefja's sister the remedy and for your reward.

Failing the quest Edit

If you lose the fight at the troll tree, you can still talk to Nefja's mother to report your failure and receive 5 skill points, but you'll gain no reputation with your Clansmen. If you don't complete successfully the quest before starting act 2, Eyfura will die.

Reward Edit

  • 5 Skill Points
  • 10 Reputation with your Clansmen.
  • 756 Valuables if you shared the troll tree bark with the farmers. This will be received during the second act, after completing the quest Viking, meeting them outside of your longhouse.
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