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'In Northumbria, you've discovered evidence of your father's final expedition. Perhaps you can find out where it all ended and get some answers at last.'

The Final Expedition is a side quest that continues the story of finding out what happened to the expedition that your father led before you. It's unlocked after completing the previous sidequest The Wearh in the Woods.

When the Swamp area is unlocked, you will find a corpse in the area west near the waymarker with your father's talisman on it. The tracks seem to be going south, so you should head into that direction. The Fishing Village is unlocked, but the area is not on the map until you get close to the area. From Eoforwic (York), go to the most southeast campsite. When you are near the campsite, the area becomes visible and can be travelled to.

Fishing Village[]

The small fishing village is nothing more than a ruin after your father's last visit. In the village, you find traces of the last battle. Visit the beach too. Under some clickable rubble, you can find a large chest containing the Ancient Shield, which is the best unique shield, though you can make shields just as powerful with crafting. In whatever containers remain in the village, you can find some loot as well.

Near the edge of the village, you will find three viking graves, which end the quest. You can pick up the two helmets of Jodis and Sighialmr Eikinskjaldason if you want after the dialogue with your hirdman is finished, which is also the end of the quest.


  • 5 skill points.
  • Ancient shield.
  • Helmets of Jodis and Sighialmr.
  • If you return to Astridr after finding the talisman, you can give it to her for three additional skill points. (You must have the talisman in your inventory, but not equipped, for the dialogue option to appear.)


  • When you find the graves, you will get the achievement Dear Dad.
  • You need the Ancient Shield for the Last Legionaire achievement.