Expeditions: Viking Wiki

'All your neighbouring thegns have come to pay their respects at your father's funeral.'

The Feast is a storyline quest which is started immediately after the player character has been created. The thegn can optionally talk to all people whose nameplate is highlighted in yellow to gain more background information. In case you select the chair once before talking to anyone, you can hear Skakki complaining about the burial feast.

If you talk with the Jarl of Ribe and select "Thank you for accepting the invitation..." your gain 1 reputation with the Ribe faction. If you instead select "I was hoping the king himself would attend..." you loose 1 reputation with Ribe and gain 1 reputation with Clansmen.

After you sit down on your chair, Ottarr Erlingsson will storm into the longhouse and demands you to defend your honour.

Before the fight starts, if you have rank 1 in Diplomacy you can convince one of the brother to leave.


The weapons you get from the weapon rack before you leave the longhouse, depend on your chosen weapon skills during character generation. If you didn't select any weapon skills, you will always retrieve a simple knive, your shield and an old bow. In case you invested in one or multiple weapon skills, the standard weapons will be replaced by weapon(s) of your specialisation.

Weapon skill specialisation Weapon you get Weapon you lose
Axe Utility Axe Simple Knive
Dane-Axe Trophy Dane-Axe Simple Knive
Sword Heirloom Sword Simple Knive
Spear Heirloom Spear Simple Knive
Sling Modified Children's Sling Old Bow
Unarmed Does not have any effect on the received weapons.


If you lose the fight or spare the survivors, they will return to their father and participate in the fight during Cleaning House. But Kveldulfr and Sigridr will join your hird temporarily during that battle to compensate for the added difficulty.