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The End of the Aedui is a storyline quest which can be started when four areas have been conquered for The Conquest of Gaul. Divitiacus will send you a message about a plan to end the Aedui tribe. He knows that the leader is looking for a plan to catch you off-guard, but he needs to consult the Gallic gods beforehand.

Divitiacus therefore is to organise a sacrifice to the gods. While he has two sacrifices yet, he needs you to arrange the materials and the sacrifice for the third god.

Sacrifices to the gods[]

Divitiacus will give you the information about what is needed for two gods;

  • Tanaris requires an offering of a sacrifice by
  • Toutatis requires an sacrifice by
  • Esus will require that the player hangs himself as a sacrifice, but there might another method of pleasing this deity.

Gathering the materials[]

The materials can be gathered from the following places:

  • Blood can be collected from the butcher in the Lungdunensis village. This probably involves the completion of The Butcher's Son
  • The materials needed for the sacrificial bowl can be found in the sacred grove. You can either use the skulls of the guardians there, or use branches of the tree to make a bowl. You need Ethos or Pathos dialoge to convince the guardians to saw off one branch.

Another method of pleasing Esus[]

The other method is not explained by the druid and the quest description provides no information either, along with the quest marker system. This method becomes available when talking to Tinus, the druid's son after completing the side quest A Menhir for Divitiacus. With Logos or Pathos dialogue, the teenager can be convinced to reveal the information free of charge.

He will reveal that Esus can also be pleased by sacrificing your eye, which requires a special sickle. This sickle can be acquired from Ambiorix, but whether this also possible before Ambiorix's Warning, is currently not known.

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