'You have everything you need to prepare your expedition. Once you commit to this, there is no turning back.'

The Calling of the Sea is a storyline quest that begins immediately after completing all three previous storyline quests; Preparations: A Motley Hird, Preparations: The Longship, and Preparations: Tomb Raider. This quest marks a point of no return; all optional quests will be unavailable once this quest is progressed, and the timeline will jump ahead to the end. Therefore, it's recommended that you've done all you need to, as well as used all the time up on your timeline to maximise your loot and homestead building. The quest begins with a conversation with Astridr Ingvarsdottir who is located in your longhouse in Skjern. You will be asked to confirm your raiding party of 10; if you've made other mercenaries, now is the time to switch them out if you so wish.

The next scene is that of you and your hird standing on the shore, your brand new longship in full view. Astridr has a short conversation with you, after which the quest will complete.

Reward Edit