'Unravel the mystery surrounding the black dog of Eoforwic.'

The Barghest Cometh is a sidequest that can be activated in the city of Eoforwic (York) at night, next to one of the bridges after sunset. A man comes running across the bridge, screaming that he is being chased by a monster. It's up to you to investigate the disturbance.

Head to the alleyway that's on the immediate left after crossing the bridge the man had run across, and you'll notice a body laying on the floor. Inspect it, and you'll be able to investigate it and it's surroundings, even using a perception check. You'll conclude that a large dog is responsible for the killing of the villager, and will need to find someone who owns dogs.

Find the woman named Emma who is located in the far North Western corner of York and ask her about the dog attacks. This conversations offers some morale choices.

  • Selecting "What is this creature that..." gains morale with superstitious followers, but loses morale for sceptical ones.
  • Selecting "I've no time for nonsense..." gains morale with sceptical followers, but loses morale for superstitious ones.
  • Selecting "You believe the strangest..." gains morale with sceptical followers, but loses morale for superstitious ones.

You will now have to search the city for a second victim of the 'barghest', which may seem like a daunting task considering the size of York. The second victim is laying right next to the campaign marker on the Eastern side of York, so head there for another investigation. You will discover the body is that of the man who warned you about the monster chasing him at the start of the quest, and tracks will be leading away from the body and towards the river. Follow them and prepare for combat against the barghest, completing the quest upon your victory.

Reward Edit

  • 3 Skill Points
  • 5 Reputation with Northumbria
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