Temple of Death is a side goal which can be started by finding the same temple on the map.

When the temple is approached by the expedition, they must fight the guardians who patrol the area around the temple. The guardians are three veteran warriors, two sergeant trappers and a veteran shaman. There is no preparation phase for this battle, so select the items which can be taken into battle accordingly.

After the battle is won, the Capitán must decide to either kill the guardians or let them go. By letting them go,

Exploring the templeEdit

The temple consists of three events which are all text based. The first room has a floor puzzle which is solved by the player character under specific circumstances without harming expedition members. The second room involves a large room with large canine animals, which are killed by party members, but they will hurt a random one. The final room consists of a snake pit with one of three bottles filled with antivenom for the guinea pig who is sent into the trap to disarm it.

That party member will be fatally poisoned (not dead yet) if the wrong bottle is picked by her or him.


The guardians: 1 equipment, 100 valuables and 100 experience are the reward.

First room: 25 experience, morale for adventureous party members, 200 valuables

Second room: 400 valuables.

Third room: 1800 valuables, 6 metal, 3 oil, 5 herbs and 25 experience.

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