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This page has all the information about all of the talismans which are available in the game. Most of the amulets provide a single effect which is the same as a special property which may be received when you craft weapons or armour.

Talismans of the Aesir[]

In the temple of Ribe, you can gain only one of the amulets of a god with an apprioriate property by sacrificing 50 rations. You will also gain one power or prosperity for your homestead when the sacrifice is made.

Icon Power / prosperity Name Effect In-game description
Power Odinn Talisman +1 movement.
Power Thorr Talisman + 10 hitpoints.
Prosperity Freyja Talisman +5 mental resistance.
Power Heimdall Talisman +25 critical hit avoidance.
Prosperity Baldr Talisman +1 morale.
Power Tyr Talisman +5 physical resistance

Other talismans[]

In this table below you can find information about all the other talismans and how they can be gained during the game.

Icon Name Effect How to obtain In-game description
Amulet of Macha +10% damage against shields. Can be found beneath some debris in the burnt-down hall of King Donncoirce.
Arsonist's Amulet +10% damage against burning enemies One of the rewards from fiinishing of the unofficial quest Ashes to Ashes.
Brooch of Mars +2% critical hit chance. Can be found in a pool in the fort of Legacaestir
Celtic Stone Charm +10% to block when standing next to an ally. Reward from Forbidden Tribute.
Child's Charm +1 morale. Can be obtained during the unofficial quest Ashes to Ashes. No more than a piece of polished amber on a string, this talisman was clearly made by a child.
Jumper´s Talisman + 25 critical strike avoidance. Reward from Jumpr when you invite the "Rat Pack" to Erlingr´s Farm to solve Kill the Rats.
Kyre's Charm +5% chance of dealing an additional attack. Reward from the quest Lady Favours.
Lann's Cross +5 ranged DR. Can be bought from Lann ingen Talorcain for 100 valuables in the Ravine area.
Luck of Thieves +10% damage against immobilized. Gained as a reward from completing Unsavoury Dealings.
Morcant's Rosary +5 mental resistance only for Morcant. Standard equipment of Morcant when he joins the hird.
Myrddin's Talisman +5 mental resistance. If you decide to kill Myrddin Emrys during Wisdom of the Ancients, you can take the talisman from his corpse.
Safa's Necklace +5 ranged DR for Ketill only. Obtained at the start of Buried Past. Will be lost at the end of it.
Silver Cross +5 melee DR Can be looted from Leofric or his corpse during Punching Through or Kingslayer.
Uallach's Feather Charm +1 morale. Reward from Witch's Curse.
Wooden Cross +1 morale. Can be looted from the bishop during Ravaging of the Wretched Heathens.
Your Father's Talisman Can be found on a corpse in the Swamp area. Can be shown to Astridr to gain three skill points.