This page has all the information about all of the talismans which are available in the game. Most of the amulets provide a single effect which is the same as a special property which may be received when you craft weapons or armour.

Talismans of the AesirEdit

In the temple of Ribe, you can gain only one of the amulets of a god with an apprioriate property by sacrificing 50 rations. You will also gain one power or prosperity for your homestead when the sacrifice is made.

Icon Power / prosperity Name Effect In-game description
Power Odinn Talisman +1 movement.
Power Thorr Talisman + 10 hitpoints.
Prosperity Freyr Talisman +5 mental resistance.
Power Heimdall Talisman +25 critical hit avoidance.
Prosperity Baldr Talisman +1 morale.
Power Tyr Talisman +5 physical resistance

Other talismansEdit

In this table below you can find information about all the other talismans and how they can be gained during the game.

Icon Name Effect How to obtain In-game description
Amulet of Macha +10% damage against shields. Can be found beneath some debris in the burnt-down hall of King Donncoirce.
Arsonist's Amulet +10% damage against burning enemies One of the rewards from fiinishing of the unofficial quest Ashes to Ashes.
Brooch of Mars +2% critical hit chance. Can be found in a pool in the fort of Legacaestir
Celtic Stone Charm +10% to block when standing next to an ally. Reward from Forbidden Tribute.
Child's Charm +1 morale. Can be obtained during the unofficial quest Ashes to Ashes. No more than a piece of polished amber on a string, this talisman was clearly made by a child.
Jumper´s Talisman + 25 critical strike avoidance. Reward from Jumpr when you invite the "Rat Pack" to Erlingr´s Farm to solve Kill the Rats.
Kyre's Charm +5% chance of dealing an additional attack. Reward from the quest Lady Favours.
Lann's Cross +5 ranged DR. Can be bought from Lann ingen Talorcain for 100 valuables in the Ravine area.
Luck of Thieves +10% damage against immobilized. Gained as a reward from completing Unsavoury Dealings.
Morcant's Rosary +5 mental resistance only for Morcant. Standard equipment of Morcant when he joins the hird.
Myrdinn's Talisman +5 mental resistance. If you decide to kill Myrddin Emrys during Wisdom of the Ancients, you can take the talisman from his corpse.
Safa's Necklace +5 ranged DR for Ketill only. Obtained at the start of Buried Past. Will be lost at the end of it.
Uallach's Feather Charm +1 morale. Reward from Witch's Curse.
Wooden Cross +1 morale. Can be looted from the bishop during Ravaging of the Wretched Heathens.
Your Father's Talisman Can be found on a corpse in the Swamp area. Can be shown to Astridr to gain three skill points.
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