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Tactical items are very similar compared to the Utility items from Expeditions: Viking and Expeditions: Conquistador. They may be obtained before battle and equipped as tactical item by character before entering the fray and containers with them on battlefields. Each character has two slots for tactical items which can be assigned before battle and a third slot, which can only be filled with the item picked up during battle.

In case the two slots which can be accessed in the inventory menu are empty, they can't be filled with extra items found during combat. The found items are not added to the inventory after battle if are unused.


Tactical items, like, armour and weapons, can be crafted when an Armoury has beed added to the Legion Outpost. New item craftable can be unlocked by finding their Schematics and then gathering the materials needed for the job. When the crafting of the item is being ordered, a Praetorian must be assigned to the armory to craft it. In case of multiple ranks, only one schematic is needed to unlock all ranks. The new ranks are added when the forge or foundry respectively have been added to the outpost for rank II and III.

Existing tactical items can replenished like Bandages in the Speculator Tent, even when fully depleted. Like the crafting itself, refreshes either require resources or time of a Preatorian.

List of tactical items[]

Name Rank Description Uses Crafting and obtaining
Acid flask Can be used to destroy an enemies armour.
Bandage One Can be used to restore lost health and to remove the bleeding status effect. Incapacitated party members and allies can be saved from death by using them, but does not revive them. 3
Caltrops One Spikes which are thrown in a selected hex with a one-hex radius. Characters entering the area is crippled and suffers bleeding status effect as well for each caltrop stepped into. 2
Greek fire One Sets an area of 2 hexes radius on fire, inflicting 2-4 points of damage to units in the hexes and inflicting burning status, but starting with one-hex radius. In case of oil-soaked hexes, as long one of them is targeted, all other hexes are put into flames. Wooden floors or stairs will burn longer. Range is 6 hexes. The fire will last about four turns. 1 Pontus scouting camp. Require the following materials:
  • Naptha
  • Nahcolite
  • Oil Jar
Hunting trap First enemy to enter the area, will be crippled and damaged by the trap.
Mithridates One Consumable anti-venom which also grants immunity from poison for some time.
Mulsum One Troas fishing village, inside a chest on the bandit hide out roof.
Noxious smoke bomb One A smoke bomb which emits poisonous smoke and poisons all enemies stepping into the smoke. The effects lasts two turns. 2 Nahcolite
Oil jar One Can be used to soak hexes in oil in an one hexes radius. Enemies and allies in the hexes receive the status effect unsteady. Involved hexes can be set on fire with Fire arrow or Torches.
Pilum I, II and III. Can be used to break through shields and armor. Range is 5 hexes. Dealing the following amounts of damage and armour shredding:
  • I: 6 damage and 2 armour shredding.
  • II: 8 damage and 3 armour shredding.
  • III: 11 damage and 3 armour shredding.
3 Pila barrels on the battlefield.
Posca One Schematic sold by a herb seller in Memphis. Required materials:
Shackles One Can be used to capture enemies in quests, such as Coming on Strong. ?? Added to third slot
Throwing Knife I, II and III. A bundle of throwing knives, which each bundle having consisting of three knives, which ignore armour, but may be glanced off by piercing Resistance. 3
Torch One Can be set objects or enemies on fire, with the hex being affected. Fire may spread in case of wooden floors and objects or oil-soaked areas, or oil barrels. 1 Required materials:
Vassum One
Vinegar Bandage One 2 Requires following materials:
Water jug One Can be used to extuinguish fire in an one hex radius (7 hexes). Can also be used to give the status effect wet to allies. 3 Temple of Apollon Temple Fire quest. Requires following materials: