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Stratagems are used during army battles in Expeditions: Rome. They involve an action with certain results in defeated enemies and wounded/killed legionaires, missing legionairres, morale, loot and other results.

Standard stratagems[]



Unexpected event[]

Victory or defeat[]

One-off strategems[]

After conquering six areas as goal for the quest Conquest: Asia Minor, talk to Lucius Licinius Lucullus to unlock the one-use stratagem Licinius's Gambit, which involves a ruse route of your cavalry and let them being chased by the enemies for long time to exhaust their heavy cavalry. When exhausted, turn your cavalry and infanty to battle the exhausted troops.

Developing new stratagems[]

Developing new stratagems is done at the workshop in the Legion Outpost. Praetorians with the Architect trait are able to devise new stratagems faster than any other Praetorion.