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Steinn the Clever is an important non-playable character of the Northmen faction. He hails from Rogaland, which is a region in current Norway. At the beginning of the game, he is the current ruler of the archipelago of Orkneyjar.

After the conclusion of Lord of Seals, he is willing to sell Grimulfr's dane-axe Mischief to you for 1,000 valuables, which can be lowered to 500 with at least 2 diplomacy.

Lord of Seals[]

When you arrive on the island, he will greet your party. He offers you to discuss the rulership of Orkneyjar since you are interested. Since it is a harsh place to live and only serves as a staging ground for raids on the British Isles, he wants you to take control of the island. You can either pay him 10,000 valuables or fight him and his huscarls in a friendly fight for the title.

In case you fight him, it is advised to incapacitate him instead of killing him.


Female player characters can, instead of paying 10.000 valuables, make love to him once for control of Orkneyjar. If you have romanced one of your companions, your lover will lose a lot of morale after the deed is done.