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Status effects are effects which can be used to give temporary bonuses and penalties to all units participating in combat. During battles, your party members may sustain injuries due to being incapacitated or through other means. In this article, you can find information about all positive and negative status effects. This article has also some information about all injuries, but this might be moved to another page when a lot of information about injuries is collected.

Positive status effects[]

In general, it's impossible to remove positive status from enemies by using certain skills or items, the sole exception to this rule is the weapon Gae Derg. The table below shows all positive effects and how they may be gained and what the effect does.

Name Description Example causes
Anticipating Unit with this status effect is certain to inflict a critical hit. Anticipating skill.
Avenger Units with this passive skill, deal 10% additional damage against enemies who incapacitated or killed units from their group. Requires the avenger passive skill.
Berserk Double base damage at the expense of DR, which will be set at 0% as long as it lasts. It can't be boosted with other item or skills. Berserk Tonic
Blood thirsty Increases damage by 10% next turn if the character attacks. Requires the Blood thirsty passive skill and then incapacitating / killing an enemy.
Centered Sets physical resistance to 100% of all Norse party members for three turns, making them immune to status effects like fire and poison. Baldr's Blessing
Favoured by Loki Increases the chance of critical hits by 10 percent-points for all Norse party members. Loki's Blessing
Favoured by Odin Sets mental resistances of all Norse party to 100% for three turns, making them fearless. Odin's Blessing
Favoured by Thor Increases base melee damage by 20% for three turns on Norse party members. Thor's Blessing
Favoured by Tyr Increases melee and range reduction by 25% points for three turns on Norse party members. Tyr's Blessing
Interrupting Character with a ranged weapon in hand may attack an opponent who comes into his range. Interruption
Protect All units who are adjacent to an unit who used the Protect skill, will have the same damage reductions as the unit who used the skill, unless the character has higher reductions.
Spotting Character can find traps while moving around. Spot traps.
Steady The character can't get harried from projectile attacks by enemies. Not doing anything with the attack turn.
Venomous A character who has this effect, can poison enemies with an attack. This effect will last about two turns. Characters with skill in bows and knives have access to skills which attack multiple characters. Dual-wielders and dane-axe users have one rank five skill which attacks two or three characters. A second attack action can be gained with Inspire. Poison skill.
Tactical Character can move around without triggering traps or suffering attacks of opportunity. Tactical move
Well fed The party member receives a bonus of +1 to sense and endurance for about 12 hours. Cooking skill during camping.
Well rested The party member receives a bonus of +1 to sense and endurance for about 12 hours. Campsites with a high shelter rating have a high chance to give this effect.

Negative status effects[]

Negative status effect can be inflicted on any character if it passes a physical or mental resistance check during battle. The higher the percentage, the less likely the status effect will be inflicted on the unit. Some negative status effects will always be inflicted.

Name Description Resistance Example causes Prevention Cure
Bleeding Character takes 15-30 damage at the end of the turn. Physical Flurry skill. Cure skill.
Blind -5 perception. Physical Scattershot Cure skill
Burning Character takes 20-30 damage at the end of the turn. Character can also get burn wounds from this effect. Physical Fire arrow, Fire Pot, walking through a camp fire. Armour with hardened leather. Cure skill, Water Skin
Concussed -3 endurance Physical Scattershot
Demoralised Character suffers a severe penalty to accuracy for one turn. Mental Demoralise skill Cure skill
Disarmed Character can't use the currect weapon(s) and can't switch to the other weapon set. None Weapon Hook from the Axe skill tree.
Drugged Character receives a penalty of -2 to perception and sense. Cure skill.
Exposed Shield wielding characters can't use their shield(s) to deflect projectiles or absorb damage from melee weapons None Shield Hook skill from the Axe skill tree.
Fatigued Halves the total finesse, perception and strength score. None Travelling too long without resting at a camp. Visit the campsite, Vigour Tonic.
Frightened Sense and perception -1. Mental Talon
Grappled Target is being grappled by an enemy who flanks the target, immobilizing the target. Grappled targets are taking more damage from attacks and can't use shields to absorb or deflect missiles None Grapple skill
Harried Target who is being harried is now somewhat more vulnerable to damage. Normal ranged attacks and throw rock. Steady status effect
Hung over -3 Sense. Can be gained from the feasting camping event. Cures itself in six hours.
Hungry and starved Lowers endurance and sense by 3 points. This will worsen if ignored for another 24 hours, then the party members will be starved, doubling the penalties. None Party members haven't eaten anything for at least 12 hours after leaving camp. Visit the campsite and feed hungry hirdmen with rations or meat.
Hypnotized The character switchs sides for one turn Mental Suggestion skill
Illuminated The penalty enemies receive to ranged accuracy during the night, no longer applies to a character with this effect. None Torch or any fires or torches present in the area. Stay clear of any hex adjacent to a light source.
Intoxicated The character suffers a penalty of -2 to sense, finesse and perception. Physical
Knocked down / slipped The character has been knocked down or slipped over ice, which means that all turns are lost and the character is immobilised. While being knocked-down, DR and blocking chance are 0%. Takes two turns to recover. Physical Rebuke, shield bash, hexes with ice, pounce. None
Panicked The character behaves erratically and the computer / player can't give a command for one turn. Mental Talon, Damnation
Poison Character takes 15-30 damage at the end of the turn. Physical Poison Caltrops, Poison Trap, character with venomous status effect. Armour with armour padding. Cure ability, Antidote
Snared Character can't move or perform actions for one turn. Normal DR reductions and block percentages still apply. Physical Net Traps Can be freed by party members, let a party member walk towards snared member and click on them.
Stun Character can't move or perform actions for one turn. Normal DR reductions and block percentages don't apply anymore Physical Stun skill or attack of opportunity with passive skill Opportunistic. Cure ability.
Spotted Character can't hide behind low obstables, so it can be hit by projectiles. Accuracy to units with this effect is increased by 25% points. None Ranging shot. Stay clear of any hex adjacent to a hex from which red smoke rises. Enemies should avoid hexes from which blue smoke rises.
Terrified -3 perception and -2 sense Mental Talon
Tripped None Tripwire
Unbalanced Unit is not able to move the turn after the effect is gained. None Reckless strike.


Injuries can only be cured with medicine and someone with at least rank 1 in healing. By improving the rank, less medicine is required to cure injuries. Without proper treatment, the injuries will become worse, which may lead to death or permanent penalties to stats and movement. There are four types of injuries:

  • burn wound, direct consequence of a hirdman having the status effect burning for at least one round.
  • infection
  • laceration
  • puncture

The following parts can be injured:

  • arm
  • chest
  • eyes
  • head
  • legs
  • groin
Name Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Permanent effect
Fracture (head) -5 Sense. 12 medicine.
Infection (arm)
Puncture (arm)
Puncture (chest) -5 endurance.  18 medicine. -6 endurance. 26 medicine.
Laceration (chest) -? endurance. 15 medicine. -? endurance. 24 medicine.
Laceration (eyes) -? perception. 5 medicine. -6 perception. 9 medicine.
Laceration (leg) -? movement. 5 medicine. -? movement. 9 medicine. -3 movement. 10 medicine.