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This page describes all status effects in Expeditions: Rome. They can also be found inside the codex menu, but that is limited to a summarisation of all status effects in alphabetical order. On this page, all effects are described and information is provided how they may be gained or in case of negative status effects, how they may be prevented or cured.

Positive effects[]

Name Description Example causes
Ambushing The character will attack the first enemy who who moves into an adjacent hex.
Anticipate opening Will atack the next enemy within their melee reach who makes an Attack of Opportunity.
Barraging Every time the character shoots a target, they regain ther action point. Accuracy is reduced by 35%.
Beserk Raging effect.
Bloodthirsty 5% or 15% additional damage (stack) for each foe killed or incapacitated. Every turn, one stack is removed. As far as known, the stack limit is two. Veles only. Bloodthirsty passive skill.
Boasting If the character's next attack kills an enemy character, all their allies gain 10% morale. If not, all enemies gain 10 morale. Veles only. Boasting skill.
Bolstered The character with this effect cannot fail morale checks. Triarius passive skill.
Camouflaged The character is invisible to enemies. If an enemy moves adjacent to the character, the effect will end.
Committing +50% Shield strength maximum. The character shield strength will also be restored by the same amount of points that was gained with the status effect.
Coordinated +2 or +3 movement maximum. Lasts two turns. Logistics skill from the Triarius. can be upgraded to three movement.
Countering The character will parry the next attack against them and push the attacker backwards out of its hex if possible.
Defending All resistances are to equal the value of the highest resistance and Maximum resistance increased by 10%, but movement reduced by three movement points. Princeps skill. and defensive jab.
Deflecting Character will deflect the next attack. Bracing a shield at full Shield strength.
Dodging The next attack has a 50% chance of not inflicting damage and status effects. Veles skill.
Duelling The next attack against the challenged enemy will deal double damage and apply the status effects Stunned and Bleeding. Veles skill.
Eagle-eyed Full range damage at any distance up to the maximum range. Sagittarius skill.
Emboldened The character's morale is double when positive or halved when negative.
Finding weakness The ranged attacks of the character will apply either, Bleeding, Weakened or Harried. Sagittarius passive skill.
Fired up 50% damage from Adrenaline Junkie Princeps passive skill.
Furious Resets cooldown of all skills every time the character kills an enemy.
Gracing The next ranged attack will deal slashing damage instead. Sagittarius skill.
Honoured Each leader the character kills grants them 50% armor until the end of combat.
Hunkering down Any attack from the character's front is deflected, but attacks from the rear cannot be blocked. The character will not rotate when attacked. Hunkering down shield skill.
Immunised Removes poisoned effect and grants 100% poison resistance for 2 turns. Mithridates
Indomitable If charachter is downed in combat, they will revive at the the start of the next turn. They will be invulnerable for that turn, but die at the end of it. Berserker passive skill.
Inexhaustible Movement is unlimited for that turn, until the character stops moving. Marathon skill of the Veles.
Interrupting Character will shoot the first enemy who moves into their vision cone. Interrupting skill.
Invigorated +3 Health per stack each turn. -2 Movement maximum.
Invulnerable Immune to all damage and negative status effects
Jury rigged Immune to all status effects which affect shields for one turn. Princeps Repair skill.
Lifesteal? Regaining health with attacks from enemies? Raging effect and then going Berserk.
Low profile Enemy will prioritize attacking other characters. Calida's Hood
Melee versatile Next melee attack will deal 50% extra damage. Versatile skill Saggiatarius.
Numb All penalties from light and moderate wounds will be ignored. Vassum
Obscured Character is obscured by smoke and cannot be attacked by attacks nor make ranged attacks themselves. Melee attacks made by the character have 50% chance to miss. Smoke Bomb
Overwatching Every time an enemy within 6hexes attacks an ally, the character shoots that enemy. Can only target each enemy once per turn. Overwatch skill Saggitarius.
Poisonous 5% chance the attakc applies Poisoned. Triarius passive skill.
Protected Damage will be halved and shared with the protecting character, Status effect will be redirected to the protecting character if Guardian Angel is active.
Protecting Damage inflicting upon protected allies will be halved and shared with the protecting character, Status effect will be redirected to the protecting character if Guardian Angel is active. Princeps skill.
Prowling Critical chance is doubel and the character has 20% dodge chance as long as allies stay away 6 hexes or more. Veles passive skill.
Raging +1 focus whenever the character (veles) is attacked or being hit. When reaching two focus, character can go Berserk and gain Lifesteal and +1 action point.
Rallied 25% extra damage dealt. Triarius skill and banner.
Rallying All allies within 4 hexes deal 25% damage.
Ranged versatile The character next ranged attack will deal 50% extra damage. Sagittarius passive skill.
Ready The character will attack the next enemy who moves into melee reach.
Reaping Every time this character kills an enemy, their action point is replenished, all used skills are reset and movement fully restored. Reaping skill Veles and Spear of Achilles.
Reckless +50% base damage. + 1 armour shed at the expense of resistance at 0 and not being able to use tactical items. Reckless skill Triarius.
Reinforced +20 shield damage from the Best Defense.
Savage 100% critical chance for the next attack by this character. Cheap shot and Boasting skill Veles.
Seizing ground Doubles movement. Sagittarius passive skill.
Shield-walled +250% Shield Strength maximum.
Standing Fast Immune to crippled, stuck, stunned and knock-down effects.
Strong For each stack, 25% of the shield strength is returned beginning each turn. One stack is lost when the shield takes a hit. Princeps shield status effect.
Tactical Character will not incur attacks of opportunity. Active skill for the Veles.
Taunting The taunted character will be goaded into attacking this character on their next turn.
Venomous Attack applies poisoned effects to target when any health is lost.
Vinegar healing Restores 10% of Maximum health at the start of the turn. Vinegar Bandage
Warded The next attack that would incapacitate/kill a character will leave them with 1 health instead. Queen's Warden
Wet Increases fire resistance by 80 percent-points. Water Jug or Water barrel.

Negative effects[]

In the table below, all negative effects are described. In case there is form of resisting an effect, it will be mentioned on this page. If there is way other than a resistance check in order to prevent the effect from being inflicted, it will be mentioned in the table as well. The cure column of the table below will describe the methods of getting rid of an effect.

Name effect Description Resistance Example causes Prevention Cure
Assessed The next attack against the character will be a critical hit that cannot be resisted. None Caeso's Galea
Bleeding Character takes one damage with each stack of bleeding each turn. None Weapon skills with the bleeding status effects None Healing with bandage.

Cure skill.

Blinded Accuracy reduced to three hexes. Attacks made by the character have 50% chance to miss.
Burned -20% Health maximum per stack. Suffering burning status effect for one or multiple turns. Cure skill.
Burning Charachter is set on fire, taking two damage each turn. Fire resistance Fire arrow, Greek Fire, Torch, setting a hex on fire which is oil soaked or has an oil barrel nearby. Walking through fire Wet effect. Shield for direct attacks. May cure itself with fire resistance at the end of each turn. Cure skill.
Capturable If this character is incapacitated, the can be captured with Shackles.
Captured Character cannot perform any actions other than movement. Enemies will not attack the character.
Challenged The next attack against the character from the Dueling enemy will deal double damage and apply the status effects Stunned and Bleeding. Morale? Dueling skill Veles
Crippled -50% movement. Crippling shot from bows, quick lunge skill, passive skill pinning shots. Stand fast for all attacks. Stand fast for all attacks.
Dehydrated Character has not drunk enough water, due to long marching without restocking water. -1 movement per stack. Not visiting wells or legion outposts for about a week or longer. Visit a legion camp or a well to restock water.
Delirious Cannot take action. At the beginning of the turn. the character attacks a random enemy. If no enemy can be attacked, the character moves to random hex. Orange gas cloud.
Disobedient Seems to have the same description in the codex as delirious. Morale?
Disarmed Character cannot use their primary weapon set. Switch weapon set with Q.
Doomed The character will die at the end of their turn.
Exhausted Lose all strong stacks, Cannot restore shield strength at the beginning of the turn.
Exposed The character cannot block with their shield and shield strength is treated as non-existent. None
Hands bound Unable to take any action. Cannot block, dodge, parry or resist attacks.
Harried Target is harried, which decreases damage dealt by the character with 25%. May open the way for other effects. None Aimed shot, curse,
Intoxicated +2 base damage. 10% critical chance. -10 to all resistances per stack. None Alcholic drinks, such as Mulsum, Posca and others.
Knocked down Unable to take action. Cannot block, dodge parry or resist attacks for one turn. Standing up takes half the movement points. Weapon skill Heavy Hit Shield for direct attacks. Stand fast for all attacks.
Lured The character cannot use cover to avoid ranged attacks.
Marked The next attack against the character with this effect will deal 50% extra damage. Mark skill Sagittarius
One-Eyed Critical chance permanently reduced to 0%. Possible result from The End of the Aedui skill.
Panicked Cannot take actions. At the beginning of the turn, attacks a random ally or will move to a random hex when none nearby. Morale Losing too much morale.
Persuaded Character switches sides for one turn. Morale?
Poisoned Character takes two damage from poison each turn. Poison resistance Shield for direct attacks. Cure skill. Vinegar bandage
Provoked Character is forced to attack the provoking character and that attack has 75% chance to be dodged.
Routed Cannot take action and character moves to a random hex at the beginning of the turn. Morale Losing too much morale. Advanced stage of panicked.
Shieldbroken Shield strength won't be restored at te beginning of the turn. Pila and other attacks. Jury rigging skill.
Spotted Ranged attacks do full damage regardless of distance. Ranging shot, marking strike
Starving Health maximum is halved. None Carry enough rations for the party.
Stuck Movement is reduced to 0. None Third rank passive skill pinning shots, hamstring skill. Shield for direct attacks. Stand fast for all attacks. Stand fast for all attacks.
Stunned Cannot take action. Parry, blocking, dodging and resisting attacks is impossible. None War cry, sword pummel. Shield for direct attacks. Stand fast for all attacks. Stand fast for all attacks.
Sundered Sets Shield Strength to 0, cannot restore shield strength next turn. None Sunder skill Triarius.
Taunted Character is forced to attack taunting character. Morale?
Unarmed The character has been forced to drop weapon and can only use unarmed skills. None
Unsteady Character cannot dodge, parry attacks or inflict critical hits. None Oil soaked hexes.
Untrained Incapacitating or instant killing the character restore the action point of attacker. Not applicable. Status effect for all civilians and militia. Professional soldiers don't have this effect. Not applicable. Not applicable.
Weakened Attacks inflict 50% less damage. None Banner of Jupiter
Weakening All enemies within 3 hexes deal 50% less damage.


Wounds are also negative status effects, but unlike the other effects, they will are carried on until the wounds have been treated with medicine at a legionary base. When left untreated, they will deteriorate until the wounds kill the characters. The most common cause for wounds is getting incapacitated in battle, but there are probably also random events or maybe certain attacks which may cause them directly.

Body part Light Moderate Critical
Arm -20% base damage. -5% critical chance. -20% Shield strength. -30% base damage. -10% critical chance. -30% Shield Strength. -40% base damage. -15% critical chance. -40% Shield Strength.
Head -25% critical damage. -5% critical chance. -2 Accuracy. -35% critical damage. -10% critical chance. -4 accuracy. -50% critical damage. -15% critical chance. -6 accuracy.
Leg -1 movement. -10% to all resistances. -1 Armour Shred. -2 movement. -15% to all resistances. -2 Armour Shred. -3 movement. -20% to all resistances. -3 Armour Shred.
Torso -10% maximum health. -10 Resistances. -1 Focus points. -20% maximum health. -15 resistances. -2 Focus points. -30% maximum health. -20 resistances. -3 Focus points.