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Spoils of War is a storyline quest which is started after the battle of Alexandria. Depending on the outcome of the battle and the sex of The Legate this quest can be entirely different. Male characters either have the option of becoming proconsul, or starting this quest as an ordinary day, with Cleopatra showing up unexpected. Female legata's have only the option of romancing Marcus Porcius Cato.

Becoming proconsul[]

At the moment, the information below are the known conditions for gaining the role. It could be possible that there are more requirement that need to fulfilled to gain the achievement.

As far as known, the prerequisite for gaining the achievement is being male. Woman player characters are not electable of the role of proconsul.


In order to gain the role of proconsul, one must fulfill the following steps in Alexandria and the Senate, which are shortly after each other in the second act.

Alexandria palace siege[]

In the palace siege, the final goal of the battle is to incapacitate Ptolemy and then kill the remaining palace guards. Whether you spare him or explicitely kill him, he dies either because of your action or because of actions performed by Vibius Vitellius Lurco's henchmen in the throne room. After killing him or watching him being killed, Lunja walks in at some point in the conversation, demanding that Cleopatra must be killed in order to safeguard the indepence of Nasamones, as she is certain that Cleopatra is able to gain control over these over time. The player character must then kill either Cleopatra or Lunja. Kill the Egyptain queen, as she stands in the way of Rome annexing the land. Letting her live ensures the status quo of Egypt being an ally of Rome.


After concluding the palace siege, the game fastforwards to the Legatus standing in front of Rome, returning to civil life. Speaking to your companions does not affect the outcome. The game will direct the player character to the senate, where the power vacuum of Egypt is discussed and who needs to fulfill the role of proconsul there, as Lucius Licinius Lucullus, the former proconsul was murdered.

Lurco will either suggest himself or his brother. The player can also make his interest in the role known. The senate will agree that the player character has militairy experience asks whether he able to stay there a few years. State that your are aware of the responsibilites. Marcus Aurelius Cotta will at some point express his doubts about the player character's capacity. Player characters not having access to Ethos or Pathos dialogue, need to rub on his defeat in the Third Mitridathic War to flare up his temper, which brings undermines critical thinking and thus the former consul makes a fool of himself. Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus is then also convinced of the player skills, along with some other senators. This should be enough to tip the scales in favour of the player character.

Dialogue shortcut for the senate[]

Romancing Cleopatra[]

In case of letting Cleopatra live at the aftermath of the Alexandria siege, this quest starts in your villa. Syneros arrives in your chamber after waking up and reminds you of all kinds of daily tasks in the household. He also mentions that there is a carpet seller who has convinced the staff that an ordered capet is to be delivered and paid.




  • It seems that the Achievement Arcana Imperii is not always gained as an achievement, despite becoming proconsul and many characters telling the player character of his gained proconsul status.