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The Spear of Achilles is an unique spear which can be acquired in the first act. However, the spear is quite difficult to acquire, as a serie of riddles needs to be solved to find its final location. The first clue can be found in the Troas fishing village, which should be more easy to find with all interactable objects highlighted. A full description of the riddles and its final solution are located on the near bottom of the page. This should be avoided by those willing to solve the riddles themselves.

The spear belonged to the famous Greek mythological hero Achilles, who fought in the Trojan war. The expression of Achilles heel also originated from this myth, which means a point of weakness in a general sense and in anatomy, the tendom located at the back of the lower leg a human leg, is also named after it.

As it is on the earliest ways to gain the powerful reaper Status effect for Velites and also other classes, the otherwise simple spear is quite powerful. This status effect allows the wielder to regain skills, movement and action point whenever an enemy is killed. As such, it's best given to a Veles with an assassin specialisation, which grants many passive and active skills for increasing damage.


Ranks Base damage Critical damage Adjustable affixes Crafting / upgrade materials
I 3-6 2 None
II (5-7)-(9-10) 4-5
III (8-9)-(11-12) 5-6
  • regular salvage.
  • regular salvage.
  • pristine salvage.

In-game description[]


To find the weapon, go to the Troas fishing village. On top of the hill, there a house located with a tree in the garden. There you will a menhir with the first riddle which needs to be solved The inscriptions reads:

First riddle

The solution of where the next clue is located, is a statue of the warrior. This is located on a peninsula, east of the village, close to the next settlement east. Enter the peninsula and a Random Travel Event of the Statue of the Warrior will trigger, which will give the second clue. The inscription on the brooch reads:

Turn south if our guidance is what you seek. Cross the channel and search the beach. His weapon is in your reach.

The solution of the second riddle lead back to the beaches of Lesbos, the southern part of it precisely, which will trigger the event of Buried Treasure. There you will find a Warrior Papyrus, with the third riddle. The following is written on it:

In Troy, where the warrior fell in the siege, he was buried near the city's reach. It was said that he was laid to rest near the waves beyond the mountain peak shielding his grave. Our warrior rests overlooking the sea, gazing west at his birthplace Thessaly.

The solution of the third riddle is the peninsula above Troas, where the tomb is located. It's located south on the landmass, which will trigger the event of Tomb of Achilles.

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