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Soldier is one of the five Spanish classes in Expeditions: Conquistador. This unit has unrivaled base defenses, as the defense of champions are 5 percent-points lower and they are the only classes who have access to the highest tier of armour. Combined with their two unique defence skills, soldiers are the best units for when it comes to soaking up damage and protecting other units. Combined with their high base damage scores, they are also good at inflicting high damage in melee as well, but scouts, amazons and champions are better.

In case units are out of melee range, they can use arquebuses or sometimes bows to shoot at enemies at distances. But due to their decent accuracy, soldiers will be outmatched by other classes such as hunters and trappers perform much better. And their movement of four hexes, compared to six in median, makes soldiers the least mobile units.

When it comes to camping, they can get the highest score in guarding or patrolling if the highest rank for this unit is veteran.

Class abilities[]

Image Name Effect Action Cooldown
Flawless Defense Adds the attack score to the damage reduction score. Attack
Stun Stuns the target for one turn and deal 25% of melee damage. Attack 2 turns
Guard All adjacent units get the same damage reduction score as the user of this ability. Attack


Passive skills advice[]

Depending on your needs in combat, it's adviced to either pick the following passive skills.

Offensive (melee)[]

In case you would like to improve the offensive skills at melee of a soldier with passive skills, it's adviced the passive skills:


In case you would like to improve the defensive skills of a soldier with passive skills, it's adviced pick the passive skills:


In the table below you can find information about equipment access for each rank.

Rank Melee weapon Ranged Weapon Armour
Recruit 3 slots. 3 slots. 10 slots.
Men-at-arms 7 slots. 7 slots. 15 slots.
Veteran 10 slots. 10 slots. 20 slots.
Sergeant 10 slots. 10 slots. 20 slots.
Lieutenant 10 slots. 10 slots. 20 slots.

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