Expeditions: Viking Wiki

Skjern Forest is a the forest on the outskirts of Skjern (Southeast from your homestead)

Notable NPC's[]


Runaway Thralls[]

In the middle western section of the map is five hostile characters. Switching to non-lethal combat allows for the recapture of the escaped thralls.

  • Selecting "[Recapture them]..." loses morale with Gunnarr irrespective of party composition.
  • Selecting "[Release them]..." gains two morale with Gunnarr irrespective of party composition.

Releasing the thralls is equivalent to losing 6000 valuables


The cairn can be found in the centre of the area, slightly to the southeast.

Lootable containers[]

In the northeast, you can find a collapsed tent with some components for tinkering items and 100 valuable. If you walk further ahead on the same path, you can find a corpse with some valuables and armour balm at the end of the path. Close to the elm tree, you can find a broken cart with a birch bow and some armour padding on it.


From Skjern, you can travel to the following places:

  • It takes three hours to travel to Skjern.