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Skjern is the hometown of the main character and lies on the western coast in the middle of Denmark. This is also the place where a few other characters will join the party (the so called hird) when the story takes off. From the homestead menu, you can improve the town. Apart from an increase in power or prosperity, the infrastructure will change whenever an update is completed.


Kveldulfr takes commission from player to produce weapons and armour and he is willing to repair them as well. If Hel Hath No Fury... is completed by recruiting one the two merchants, you can find him or her near Eydis' house in both acts. In case the market is chosen as the upgrade tree for the Thing, you gain one merchant everytime a rank is completed.

Locations of the recruited characters[]

If you visit Skjern during the second act, the recruited characters, with the expection of the mercenaries, can be found in the town. You can ask questions about their background and ask their opinion on party members.


The following quests can be started or completed in Skjern:

Storyline quests[]

Side quests[]


Denmark map[]

From Skjern, it takes:

World Map[]

From Denmark, it takes: