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Skill points govern how units develop their skills during the game. Since this computer game doesn't work with experience points and levels, units can only become better during the game by gaining skill points and investing them into skills. Most of the statistics and to which skills a character has access are determined by stats when the character is made.

Skill points can be acquired by doing:

  • quests;
  • finding cairns;
  • winning battles which the player may encounter during travelling; and
  • other methods.

Amount of skill points[]

Every player character has 50 skill points when the game is started and if most of the quests and other activities have been done, you have about 350 skill points near the end of the second act. Skill points also determine the rank of the unit. The rank displayed in front of the class of the unit when the tooltip infobox is shown. Although the rank doesn't say all about their potential in battle, enemies with higher ranks are considered to be more dangerous than opponents with lower ones. There are five ranks in total:

  • Untrained (level 0)
  • Trained (level 2)
  • Skillful (level 4)
  • Masterful (level 6)
  • Legendary (level 8)

Joining party members[]

Potential party member who join the hird during the game, have the same amount of skill points as the player character and any other party member.


The amount of skill points invested in skills determines to which ranks a character has access to in skill trees. This is determined the following way:

  • ranks one and two, no amounts required;
  • rank three, minimum of 100 skill points invested;
  • rank four, minimum of 175 skill points invested;
  • rank five, minimum of 250 skill points invested.

List of quests[]

In the table below you find a list of quests which give a certain amount of skill points when they are finished. Some quests also give some skill point when certain tasks are done.

Amount of skill points as a reward Quests
Other amounts


Winning random encounters[]

During your travels, your party will sometimes encounter enemies before they notice or you will be ambushed by them

Other ways[]