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Skakki is one the most trusted huscarls of Skule Skullcleaver, just like Hrodgaerda and thus an antagonist in the game. He is present during The Feast, but you won't speak to him until your first encounter in Ribe. You will find somewhere near the docks and says that he hired all mercenaries he could to sabotage your attempt to fill your hird with mercenaries.

Second act[]


Due to his high DR ratings and Tyr's Blessing, he can make raises his DR to 100%, which makes him only vulnerable to characters with high armour piercing scores. But instead of that, you can also try to take him down with status effects such as burning and poison during the turns while he has 100% damage resistance. But unlike some of the other bosses, he has no special ability. In case he does enter melee, a swordsman with heavy hit can bypass his DR ratings as well, but Skakki himself is a dangerous melee fighter.

Default statistics[]

When you fight against him, he has the following stats:

Skakki - Default Stats and Equipment
Stat Points
Strength 10
Endurance 10
Finesse 6
Perception 5
Sense 4
Skill points ?
Chain mail armor (stats unknown)
Main hand set 1
Lawless Witch
Off-hand set 1
Main hand set 2
Gripped Wool Sling
Off-hand set 2
Utility slot 1
Utility slot 2
Utility slot 3
Weapon skills
Skill Rank
Axe 0
Bow 0
Dane-axe 5
Knife 0
Shield 0
Sling 5
Spear 0
Sword 0
Unnarmed 5
Offensive skills
Skill Rank
Anticipate Opening 0
Charge 1
Cripple 0
Dual-wielding 0
Feint 0
Interrupt 1
Rebuke 1
Stun 1
Throw 0
Passive skills
Skill Rank
Adrenaline Junkie 1
Avenger 0
Backstabber 0
Blood Thirsty 0
Dodge 0
Evade 1
Fencer 0
Fortune Favoured 1
Good Patient 0
Hardened 1
Keen Eye 0
Lone Wolf 0
Low Profile 0
Night Owl 0
Nimble 1
Opportunist 0
Point Blank 0
Powerful Kick 0
Quick Feet 1
Relentless 1
Sexist 0
Sharpshooter 0
Sneak Attack 0
Steady Hands 0
Stone Fist 0
Strider 0
Thick Skin 1
Walk Your Shots 0
Support skills
Skill Rank
Benediction 0
Galder 5
Healing 0
Leadership 0
Protect 0
Snaring 0
Spot Traps 0
Tactical Move 1
Taunt 1
Witchcraft 0
Utility skills
Skill Rank
Armoursmithing 0
Artisan 0
Crafting 0
Constitution 0
Cooking 0
Diplomacy 0
Guarding 0
Heavy Sleeper 0
Hunting 0
Preserving 0
Repairing 0
Scouting 0
Tinkering 0