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Shield strength is the character attribute for the Princeps and other classes who are able to wield shields. It's displayed as a blue meter for the unit. As long as the blue meter is intact, the chracter is able to direct damage first to shield meter, able to resist may status effects and able to deflect arrows.

Compared to Expeditions: Viking, the way shields absorb damage became more complex, as there are more status effects for shields, but the statistics of blocking percentage for melee and ranged attacks is gone and 100%, until the shield strength meter is depleted.

Shield strenght is mostly determined by the shield, which has a certain amount of it and possible additional shield from fixed or adjustable affixes. Each shield also has bludgeoning damage for their attacks, but that won't be discussed here.

Status effects[]

For shield wielding units, the following status effects exist in the game.

Positive effects

  • Committing, which increases shield strength maximum by the same amount and restores the same amount of points gained.
  • Deflecting, can be activated with the Brace skills and allows the shield-wearer to deflect melee and ranged attacks without inflicting damage to the shield, thus raising shield strength.
  • Hunkering down, which makes the shield immune to damage, but makes the character vulnerable to damage from behind.
  • Jury rigged, makes the shield immune to status effects affecting shields for one turn and removes current effects.
  • Reinforced, 20% more damage with shield weapon skills, caused by the Best Defense passive skill.
  • Shield-walled, increase maximum shield strength by 250%.
  • Strong, with each stack (out of four), shield strength is returned by 25% at the beginning of each turn.

Negative effects

  • Exposed, the character performed an attack or got an attack with this effect. The current amount of shield strength is regarded as non-existant. Basically the same as Shield Hook from Expeditions: Viking.
  • Exhausted, all strong stack are lost and shield strength can't be regained at the beginning of the next turn.
  • Shield-broken, can be inflicted by Pila, heavy weapons or few selected weapon skills, such as Sword Charge. When inflicted, the shield won't restore shield strength for two turns.
  • Sundered, sets shield strength to 0. Can't restore shield strength the next turn.

Special items[]

The following special items exist for shieldwielding units.

  • Izil's Bow, which is the only bow capable of damaging shields with all its attacks.