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Scholar is one of the five Spanish classes in Expeditions: Conquistador. While scholars and doctors have the same statistics when it comes to  they melee damage, ranged attacks and defence, they share none of their class skills.

When it comes to inflicting damage, scholar like doctors perform rather poor in both melee and ranged combat due to poor base melee damage, combined with the low damage of daggers and their low accuracy with bows or arquebuses. However they can lower defence by 10% with every shot from their gun, even if it misses.

On top of that, sholars have low base defences and only access to light armour, so they are vulnerable to damage as well.

When it comes to camping, scholars are can get the highest score in tinkering or herbalism if they are limited to veteran rank.

Class abilities[]

Image Name Effect Action Cool-down
Expose Weakness Even if the attack misses its target, it will lower the defences of the target by 10% for one turn. Passive N.a.
Logistics Improves the movement of the target unit by 2 hexes. If unit sacrifies attack turn for double movement, that will be boosted by as well. Movement is improved by 4 and 6 at ranks of veteran and sergeant respectively. Attack 1 turn.
Coordinated attack Every unit will deal 10% more damage the turn this skill is used. Attack ? turn.
Distraction Enemies will deal 20% less damage for one turn Attack ? turns.


Passive skills advice[]

Depending on your needs in combat, it's adviced to either pick the following passive skills

Offensive (melee)[]

Defence and melee offensive[]

In case you would like to improve both defence and melee offensive skills of a doctor it is adviced to pick the following passive skills Sword and Constitution. With the sword skill, you improve their melee damage by 5 points and the shield gives them a 25% chance to block damage (which lowers damage by 25%). This will reduce the damage a doctor receives from every melee and ranged attacks by 6.25% on average.

The constitution skill halves their chance that they will get poisoned. Since a doctor can't use its ability on itself, it means that a sole doctor can become incapacitated from poison if the battle lasts long enough. Poison is common in both campaigns.


In the table below you can find information about equipment access for each rank.

Rank Melee weapon Ranged Weapon Armour
Recruit 3 slots. 3 slots. 5 slots.
Men-at-arms 7 slots. 7 slots. 5 slots.
Veteran 10 slots. 10 slots. 5 slots.
Sergeant 10 slots. 10 slots. 5 slots.
Lieutenant 10 slots. 10 slots. 5 slots.

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