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Schematics are the blueprints or recipes which describe in a global level how a piece of armor, tactical item and weapon can be made at an armoury or workbench inside the Legion Outpost which then require the workplace and resources to craft the items.


A schematic describes how to craft one or multiple items of a certain quality. As such, there a multiple schematics available, for say example, the whole centurion armor, weapon and shield schematics. For tactical items, there is only one schematic available. This is also for multiple rank item, such as the Pilum and Throwing knives.


There are also schematics for modifying afixxes to weapons and armor. These schematics allow the player to adjust affixes of good, pristine and unique items at a armoury at the Legion Outpost. Most of these armor affixes can be gained as random loot on the world maps. Very few schematic of this type are gained at fixed positions or certain quests or merchants.

Schematic name Type Affixes effect Obtaining
Bludgeoning resistance I Armor Adds bludgeoning resistance.
Add slashing damage Weapon
Add penetrating damage Weapon
Poison resistance Armor Random event (sandstorm) in Egypt. Take the poison offered by the priest.

Equipment schematics[]

These are the schematics for weapons and armor. Most of them come as set for a certain, like centurion or toxotes or alchemist and have a quality level ranging from regular to pristine, which each quality have each schematic. The schematics for one item only are usual for the unique items.

Schematic name Items craftable Quality Obtaining
Aegis Aegis Unique Reward from Blood of Jupiter.
Alchemist Greek Hood and Greek Robe Reg-pris
Assassin Assassin Dagger, Assassin Cowl and Assassin Garb Reg-pris
Crocea Mors Crocea Mors Unique Material obtained as post-quest reward from Caesar's Journal. The schematic can be earned during the Roman feast. Speak to Marcus Cotta and you end up speaking with Gauis' mother at some point.
  • Centurion Helmet
  • Clipeaus
  • Gladius
  • Lorica Musculata
  • Scutum
Desert Equipment II Berber Headband, Shotel, Berber Bow
Desert Warrior Equipment II Berserker Staff and Basic Desert Garb
Egyptian Infantrymen II
Electrum Khopesh Unique Sold by the sole smith in Memphis.
Gladiator Plumata I Gladiator Plumata Unique Gained from dismantling Bestia's armor.
Harpe Harpe Unique Boethus at the Temple of Apollon.
Hoplite Aspis, Corinthian Helmet, Doru and Paneoplia Reg-pris
Lochargos equipment
Medicus equipment I Lorica pectorale and Roman Staff. Reg-pris
Medicus equipment II ( wrogfully named centurion equipment) Lorica pectorale and Roman Staff. Reg-pris
Princeps (triarius) equipment Lancea, Heavy Lorica Hamata, Princeps Helmet Reg-pris
Princeps Galea I Princeps Galea Unique Gained from dismantling Caeso's helmet.
Princeps Musculata I Princeps Musculata Unique Gained from dismantling Caeso's armor.
Psiloi equipment Acinaces, Xiphos, Boethian Helmet and Thoras Reg-pris
Saggitarius I Arcus, Light Lorica Hamata, Saggitarius Helmet Reg-pris
Saggitarius II Arcus, Light Lorica Hamata, Saggitarius Helmet Reg-pris
Shamanic Equipment Shamanic Garb and Shamanic Staff Reg-pris
Lorica Segmenta II Lorica Segmenta and Princeps Galea. Reg-pris
Scout Hamata I Scout Hamata Unique Gained during the quest A Better Lorica when dismantling the armor.
Scout Hood Scout Hood Unique Gained by dismantling Julia's hood.
Triarius Princeps Helmet, Lancea,

Roman Staff and armor

Toxotes Toxo, Linothorax and Pilos Helmet Reg-pris
Triarius (Veles) equipment Hasta, Lorica Hamata, Pugio and Triarius Helmet Reg-pris

Tactical items[]

See Tactical items for more information or the individual page for all information about a specific tactical item and their uses in battle.

Item Schematic name Obtaining
Bandage Bandage
Caltrops Caltrops Chest in the Temple of Apollon area in the center. Can be reached by a character through climbing a vinewall.
Greek fire Greek Fire Pontus Scouting camp. Inside a chest in the lower area.
Mithridate Mithridate King Mithradite's Camp, during the quest Divide and Conquer.
Mulsum Mulsum Troas fishing village. Bandit hideout in the south, inside a chest on the rooftop.
Noxious smoke bomb Noxious Smoke Bomb Looted from the flute player in the Random Travel Event which is the start of the The Number of Death.
Pilum Pilum

One of the few tactical items with multiple ranks.

Posca Posca Schematic sold by a herb seller in Memphis.
Shackles ??? Used during the kipnapped mission in Coming on Strong. Not used for any other situation?
Torch Torch
Throwing Knife Throwing knife
Vassum Vassum
Vinegar Bandage Vinegar Bandage
Water jug Water Jug Temple of Apollon Temple Fire quest reward.